Last Day on Earth Updates | New Maps and Enhancements for August

Last Day on Earth updates for this month comes big. New exciting changes, fresh from the pack, start buckling up and prepare for the latest events!

1.9.4 August 9

  • “Destroyed Convoy” a new limited time event.
  • Increased stability for automatic weapons, improved on the effectiveness.
  • Increased the speed for upgrading in locations, making it easier to get wanted skills.
  • Simplified the Crafting mechanics and the assembly of Gunsmith Bench.
  • Added a new Recipe for disassembling generator.
  • Added a new map called the “Crooked Creek Farm”.
  • Added new enemies, the farmer zombie, infected bull and a new boss Ravager.
  • Added new rewards.
  • Increased the chance of gas tank to drop in the bunker, it also drops in the Farm now.

Crooked Creek Farm is a newly added map and it’s considered as a special location. This area is permanently located on the map and will get regular updates every now and then. The way to get access to this new place may require some work because Crooked Creek Farm is surrounded by a toxic moat and it can kill you. Hence, walking over it would definitely be a bad idea. It is also near a graveyard. One should think it through and consider building a small bridge first before crossing over the poisonous waters. A simple low-cost bridge would surely suffice, try to gather scrap metals and other basic resources for this job.

After entering the place, that would just be the first step. So, once you get in the uncharted territory, be careful because it’s probably full of the newly added carnivorous enemies. This place holds a lot of resources and gold so logically it would be filled with all sorts of traps. It is the best to be well-prepared and properly equipped. There are new enemies such as the infected bull, farmer zombies and the leading monster of all this horror is the Ravager.

The only way to handle this new menace is to craft and create the new weapon made for it. The most suitable weapon for this job is the scythe. This new weapon is the best at handling the latest threats.

The farm is full of loots that you can fill your bag with. Check the place thoroughly, be aware of the surroundings of the map and try to find the most sought-after rewards. Try your best to find the box with a heavy padlock and don’t bring it back home. Just remove the padlock on the working bench. You just need to be careful about causing noises. If you create a loud sound, it will surely draw the attention of the undead community nearby.

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