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Which is the best vehicle for you in Last Day on Earth: Survival?

In the game Last Day on Earth: Survival, there are four different vehicles that have special purposes. Each one helps people advance in the game different depending on what the player might want to accomplish while playing. Get more tips on how to advance in the game with our other guides. The special part of this game is each vehicle has to be unlocked and then it has to be assembled. You can start playing Last Day on Earth: Survival PC now!


The Chopper decreases the amount of time it takes to travel from one place to another. It uses gasoline but who doesn’t want to travel to their designation faster if that is possible. It also enables players to travel to the rest stop event.


The next vehicle is ATV. This helps unlock new locations in the game. It is built mainly to reach far territories in comfort. This vehicle is unlocked second in the game and helps survivors who want to travel further from home. Two of the lands it allows you to reach is the Oak Bushes and Watchtowers.

Zombie Truck

The third vehicle is the zombie truck. This one has another pretty great feature. It allows players to set up a new base.

MI-24 helicopter

This last vehicle does the same thing as the ATV. It helps unlock new locations within the game. This vehicle lets you travel to new locations by crossing any and all water barriers that might be in your way. The only downside this is the last one you unlock in the game.