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What is a watchtower in Last Day on Earth: Survival?

The Last Day on Earth has many different levels and areas, starting from your Bunker and expanding outward beyond this. You can expand to those areas by completing specific tasks or areas, one of these areas include the watchtower.


The Watchtower is a specific area that allows unlocking other additional areas within its vicinity and is one of the gateways for progressing the game further. There are strong enemies lurking around, so it is advised to bring a lot of weapons or to practice sneaking around the enemies. Furthermore, there are enemies that are present upon arriving, even after completing the tasks required. Stay wary from the start to the end.


Additionally, there is a red zone that has resource drops from foxes and oak tree. Oak trees are available around the starting zone of the Watchtower. It is highly advised to create the chopper (motorcycle) before going to the Watchtower. This will be extremely helpful for accomplishing many of the tasks required for unlocking the area. This will provide many great bonuses. Completing the level without the chopper is not impossible, however, it is very difficult and requires very specialized weaponry.


The Watchtower requires taking action to fix, which clears the area and opens the additional other areas. Fixing it requires constructing a generator, carrying it to the middle of the base, and then dropping it. Afterward, there will be a rush of zombies that come forward to attack you. You must leave the area successfully to reveal the areas and complete the Watchtower zone. After completing it, additional areas are open and available to access. This can allow for greater utility within the game, as you are able to find more resources from other areas, as well as more, will be available each day when the game resets its clock. Download Last Day on Earth and challenge the Watchtower now!