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What are the weapons in Last Day on Earth: Survival?

When it comes to fighting off a horde of zombies, you are going to need a large plethora of weapons at your disposal. In the Last Day on Earth: Survival, you will need to use a crafting system to build them and to fight off a never-ending onslaught of zombies.


For starters, you have your standard guns. This includes AK-47s, Dual Berettas, M-16, glock 7s, S&W magnums, shotgun and zip gun. Like most other weapons, these can be modified. With a longer range, you can keep your distance from the oncoming undead and stay safe from harm.


Often in times, you will find yourself overrun by zombies and will need to defend yourself at closer range. For these moments, you will need to use your melee weapons. These Melee weapons include scythes, shovels, torches, pickaxe, paddles, road signs, nailboard, makeshift bats, machetes, katanas, hatchet, hammers, hockey sticks, golf clubs, baseball bats, brooms, cleavers. You may even use your own bare fists as a weapon. As with your long-range weapons, you can upgrade a variety of these melee choices. Just remember that as the zombies get closer, you will find yourself much more vulnerable to harm. You may take damage so be sure to be careful when using melee weapons!


You also have access to some special weapons, such as flamethrowers, miniguns, or the zombie collar. The flamethrower and minigun are very useful for when you find yourself surrounded by a crowd of zombies and need to give yourself some space. The zombie collar, while non-damaging itself, can be used to temporarily recruit zombies to your side! They’ll kill other zombies while also reducing the number of zombies that you have to worry about at a time! Just be careful, as you can only shackle up to 5 at a time. Play Last Day on Earth: Survival  now and try out the large variety of weapons. Choose your strategy and have fun! Head down to view our other guides for more tips and tricks!