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What are the different bunkers in Last Day on Earth: Survival?

There are various types of bunkers in this game. While the goal of this game is to survive and get back to normalcy, there is some exploration to do. The bunkers are generally military and contain large stockpiles of supplies. When trying to survive you need will need food, water, clothing, material, and other various items.


The bunkers are few and far between finding one can change the landscape of your game. One bunker, in particular, is Alfa. This bunker is highly coveted by many players. It contains large stockpiles. Generally, these bunkers have levels and can cause trouble for many low-level players, hence the high reward. Bunkers just like in the real world are important to survival, you can use them as defense too. You may have your own bunker that allows you to survive but odds are that it is not going to be the greatest until late game. The wait is worth the reward you can start gaining supplies from the bunkers and begin to sustain life again in the vast wasteland.


Overall if you are looking for bunker Alfa, you will need a code because it is going to be hard to find as it is not easily accessible to low-level characters. Bunker Alfa is no short of a lifesaver when it comes to the tremendous amount of supplies that come with it. There is also Bunker Bravo and Charlie they also require an access code. Many players have worked together on how to find these access codes. Similar to Alfa, the codes are found on a soldier. Use the time in between bunkers to ready your self for a struggle. Learn more tricks to survival in the game here and start playing Last Day on Earth: Survival today!