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In LDE:S, you take matters into your own hands as you try to survive the perils of a zombie-ridden post-apocalyptic wasteland. LDE:S is a sandbox survival game, similar to H1Z1, ARK, and DayZ, where you explore your surrounding, gather resources and fight against outside threats. Whether it’s hunting for food and sustenance, acquiring raw materials for shelter, or crafting weapons to fight against man-eating zombies, your character’s survival in this hostile world is all up to you.


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How to breed dogs in Last Day on Earth: Survival?

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are also a handy survival tool in the game Last Day on Earth. In order to breed dogs, you must get started by first…

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How to get dogs in Last Day on Earth: Survival?

  In the game, Last Day On Earth, there are multiple ways to get a dog.   You will find that dogs spawn as puppies within the game. Your first…

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