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How to get water in Last Day on Earth: Survival?


Water is an essential yet scarce resource in Last Day on Earth: Survival. Do not worry, there are three different ways for players to get water in the game.

1) The first and easiest way to get water would be 3 bottles are given to you at the start of the game. Many players don’t realize to look in their inventory to find it. Be sure to check there first!

2) A more uncertain way or less reliable way of finding water would be looting from different locations. However, since it is unreliable it is advisable to only loot if you have a supply of water or in dire emergencies. Not consistent and really not preferable

3) When you reach level 6 you get a blueprint detailing how to make a rain catcher. this is the most favorable way because it is the most consistent and is a replenishing resource. Be sure to do this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so you are not left dying of thirst! Once you have it built you can refill the water bottles and continue to refill them throughout the game. So long as you’re patient enough this is a very useful tool.

You will be good to go if you use all 3 methods! By using the three bottles initially you can survive on that to level 6 and then build the rain catcher to refill the bottles. then you will be fine to go loot and repeat the whole process over again. Now what you have to be careful of is not using too much of your initial water before you’re able to refill. Remember to get more clothing too! Fabric is important for creating the rain catcher. Learn other tips and tricks on our site and play Last Day on Earth: Survival now!