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How to get dogs in Last Day on Earth: Survival?

In the game, Last Day On Earth, there are multiple ways to get a dog.

You will find that dogs spawn as puppies within the game. Your first opportunity to get a puppy should be in the green zone. Go to the green zone and wait about 30 seconds for one to spawn.

Another way to get them are from floppy disks or sometimes from a dealer. Here you can trade gold for the puppy. You can also get them from airdrops and you may purchase them from the app store. The app store is a good option for you to obtain dogs if you don’t mind paying. By paying money, you can often get things quicker than just advancing the natural way throughout the game.

When you receive your puppy, they will come in a box. You will have to reach level ten before you can do anything with it. To advance in level for your dog, you will need to feed and provide them with shelter by building them a crate or doghouse. To build a doghouse, you will need a blueprint to do so. Food for your puppy/dog includes raw meat and turkey or dry dog food which you can purchase. Afterward, you will be able to breed your dogs and get more puppies. Learn more about breeding dogs here.

You may increase the ranks, skills, and traits of your dogs throughout the game. Some traits are more rare than others. The hardest one to attain is the true friend trait. You can ultimately achieve this by crossbreeding two, four trait dogs. You can start playing Last Day on Earth: Survival on PC/Mac today!