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How to build a base in Last Day on Earth: Survival?

Your first objective is to find a quality location for construction. Get a spot that reduces the number of fronts you will have to defend. A corner spot brings a natural defense to your base. Keep two spaces away from any obstruction including the map edge – you’ll need access to every wall when constructing defenses.


After finding a good spot you can start construction by placing floors and walls. Open the construction menu by tapping the Hammer & Saw icon. Low-level players are limited to cheap floors and walls which costs 1 log per piece. Learn tricks to get more resources here. Don’t expand so much at first. Fortify a small area for the onslaught that is soon to come, every 24 hours to be exact.


Encase yourself in a wooden box and build spike traps – your only defense at the start – around your entire base and start collecting resources for further upgrades to your fortifications (walls are purely cosmetic at this point in development) and defenses. Make sure the spikes face outward and if all else fails, log out to stop damage to your base.


To upgrade walls simply click the “Up” arrow at the proper location and have enough resources stockpiled to pay for the stronger walls. Zombies destroy spike traps like mushy brains but if you keep up with the repairs no ghouls will penetrate your wooden castle.


You won’t be raided by other players at the start, because there are no real players at the moment, and you should focus on leveling up walls to level 2, which costs 20 planks and 10 stone. Do this by entering Construction Mode and tapping the arrow. Lower level players should also avoid over exploring the maps as it attracts stronger hordes to your base. An overwhelming horde will ruin your spikes and janky wooden walls. Good luck and have fun playing Last Day on Earth: Survival by clicking here!