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Any tips for Last Day on Earth: Survival?

We have gathered some important tip that will help with your survival in Last Day on Earth: Survival! You may refer to our cheats, hacks and tricks pages for more help.


Tip 1: Collect as many resources, food, water and materials, as you can at the beginning of the game. These are crucial for survival.


Tip 2: You are able to run faster than zombies so run away when you need to. You can turn around and attack them when you have a better position. Most zombies can be killed easily asking as you have berries in stock or close by to use as needed for healing. Once you have guns, try not to use them unnecessarily. Meele weapons are fine for killing zombies. Save them for when you really need them once they’re broken they’re gone.


Tip 3: Store all your materials in different cabinets according to what they are. Materials like wood in one, food and water in another.


Tip 4: Build a shelter as quickly as you are able. This will help you survive. You don’t need a huge one right away but one that is big enough for a couple storage bins and a stive is good enough to start with.


Tip 5: Gain exp quickly by building a rain collector and make sure you are collecting the water.


Tip 6: You will run out of resources pretty quickly at the beginning. There are berries and a few deer. If you are lucky you can find a car with some hidden resources. If you are about to die, run back to your hut and get all your resources out of your bag. Put these resources away so you don’t lose them. You start the game only able to eat meat and berries. Collect as many as you can to survive.


Tip 7: Collect the materials and drops outside of your permit first so you can run away when zombies come if needed. Make sure you leave space to collect materials to your bag. But it is important to make sure that you have sufficient resources you need with you when you go out to collect them. You will need food and armor as well as water and weapons to protect yourself.


Tip 8: Get your garden plots going as quickly as possible for another food source or carrots as soon as it’s unlocked. Outside Alpha base, you can find a keycard on a dead guard. Use it to enter the base and collect loot from the lockers. It may take two trips but if you’ve found a rope on zombies, you can build a backpack to make it easier.