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What To Know About Last Day on Earth: Survival Holiday Updates

Players of Last Day on Earth: Survival wrapped up 2020 eventfully as developers rolled out two game updates in December. Updates 1.17.6 & 1.17.7 follows the update from October 2020 which saw the introduction of the new Delivery of Goods mechanic. These updates add even more features to make living in this hostile in-game world a bit more exciting. Let us check them out!

New Locations

One of the main features that the latest updates bring to the game is the introduction of new permanent locations. Players can now explore the Port, an area that connects players to new places such as the Sewer, Island, San Quarry, and Caves. But in order to utilize the Port, players have to accomplish delivery tasks to unlock different waypoints.



This area was previously not a permanent location in the game, but the recent updates will now let players venture forth. Aside from that, this place is where players can gather new materials and progress through the Motorboat objective. However, the Sewers are teeming with zombies that you have to take out if you wish to get key items and materials.

After completing the Sewer and gathering necessary items for the Motorboat, players can explore the Sand Quarry and Watchtower. As the name suggests, the Sand Quarry contains new materials that can be used to craft items such as Titanium.

New Vehicle: The Motorboat

Speaking of the Motorboat, this is the latest vehicle that players can create and utilize from the new updates. The Motorboat will be available after completing the Sewer location, but prepare to scour for the right parts since most of its components require a lot of material.

Players should complete Deliveries to the Port since some of the items that NPCs reward here are parts of the Motorboat. This includes the boat propeller, which can be obtained once you reach Level 10. Once you have grinded and gathered all the necessary components, you can now craft the Motorboat in your shelter.

You have to make room for construction, and it will take a number of hours before it is built. Once the Motorboat is built, you can use it to travel across the river via the Port to the Sand Quarry and the other areas beyond the bay.



Holiday-Themed Event

Updates 1.17.6 and 1.17.7 sees players commemorate the holidays in Icewind Valley. This area will have you help unlucky truck drivers who are retrieving supplies from zombies. Doing so will let you unlock the Christmas Letter that they have stowed away in their truck. But similar to the Motorboat, you have to grind your way to get necessary crafting materials and head to Icewind Valley to clear the undead and loot their corpses.

Once you have the Christmas Letter, you are rewarded with more items, weapons, and materials. All these can be used for upgrading your arsenal and shelter. These items include Christmas lights, wreaths, candy canes, mistletoes, and an assortment of ornaments that can make your shelter more festive.

Just like Santa Claus, the Deliveries for this update contain tons of new items and weapons for you to collect. However, you have to accomplish the Delivery requirements first to acquire awesome and powerful loot. Moreover, the Delivery mechanic is here to stay. This means that you can have a steady flow of nifty crates that’s full of goodies as long as you fulfill the objectives.

Overall, updates 1.17.6 and 1.17.7 for Last Day on Earth: Survival prove to be great developments and additions to the game. The developers have stuffed tons of cool new goodies for players to keep busy beyond the new year.