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Things to Remember When Playing Last Day on Earth PC

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Playing Last Day on Earth: Survival will open your eyes to what you will expect once a zombie apocalypse happens in real life. You need to avoid many dangers, kill zombies that will come and get you, and stock up essentials like food and water. To survive, you must have a strong gut and willpower. If you want to become a survivor, become good at defending yourself to live long in this post-apocalyptic world.

7 Things You Need to Know While Playing Last Day on Earth

But first off, it’s best to know a little bit about Last Day on Earth: Survival as there are some things that you might not know about the game. Survive and learn at the same time.

1. Glock 17

The turret can attack you if you are using a Glock 17. But using it with a Collimator Sight, the turret will not shoot you. The range also increases.<

2. Zombie Loot

Even if you don’t pick up zombie loots, it will not disappear. So you can still come back for it when the coast is clear.

3. Level 3 Walls

Zombies will die if they go near your Level 3 walls. So it’s best if you level up your walls frequently to protect yourself from zombies.

4. Sewing Table

Some players said that they got a Sewing Table from AI. Because of that, they can use three sewing tables. We all know that we can only make two melting furnaces, campfire, etc., so players also assumed that they could only use two Sewing Machines.

5. Doormat

Whenever you enter your home, you will always appear on your doormat if you have one, even if you exit on the opposite side.

6. Bunker Alfa Locker

You can make use of the Bunker Alfa as a locker. Some players have been doing this as long as you keep track of it. None of their items got lost unless the developers would close Bunker Alfa without any warning.

7. Bunker Alfa Code

You won’t need a password to enter the Bunker Alfa lower floors.

Just a Heads Up…

Some of these tips may not be working anymore since the developers would constantly update the game. However, it’s worth checking out once you play Last Day on Earth: Survival.

You can also make a strategy of yours that you will eventually learn once you are playing the game. Play on PC and download free the Last Day on Earth: Survival game!