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Essential Skills to Learn in Last Day on Earth PC Game

Last Day on Earth Skills

In Last Day on Earth: Survival, living in a zombie apocalypse age forces you to deal with mindless brain-eating monsters that are out to get you. You will have to do everything for you to survive — hunt for food, defend yourself from intruders, kill zombies, seek shelter, and more. If you have zero skills, there’s nothing you can do but learn all these skills if you want to survive. In this post-apocalyptic world, it’s survival of the fittest. You must do everything in your power to survive.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is full of action and adventure. It’s a game where you have to live for as long as you can. This would entail learning different skills along the way. Play the Last Day on Earth now and live!



Learning Important Skills to Survive in Last Day on Earth

Like many other survival PC games, you are expected to learn skills so you can defend yourself and survive as long as you can. Skills are essential, so you must try your best to level up and memorize these skills because you will be making use of it until the very end.

You will need to learn a lot of skills once you play Last Day on Earth: Survival. It won’t happen in an instant, and it will fall into place once a particular skill is needed. Learn as many skills as you can and become a professional survivalist.

The Skills to Learn in Last Day on Earth

If you are a new survivor in the Last Day on Earth: Survival, you have to know more about the skills that you need to learn. It will help you once you progress through the game. Here are some of the most vital abilities that you will eventually learn:

Active: Button on Left

One of the skills that you need to learn first is the Auto Mode, where you gather resources and kill enemies automatically. The next skill is the Animal Friend, where you need to avoid frightening animals while exploring. Then, the Look Around Skill, where you get a bird’s eye view while exploring Bunker Alfa. Lastly, the Self-Healing skill, where you need to learn to heal yourself while exploring oak forests.

Active: Button on Right

The first skill that you need to learn is sneaking, a skill where you need to move stealthily. Then, the Dash skill where you need to dash when exploring pine forests. Lastly, the Roll skill where you need to make a roll when exploring northern forests.

Passive Skills

Besides Active skills, there are also Passive skills as well. First off the list is the Motorcycle Driver, where you need to learn how to ride a motorcycle and become good at it. Then, the Extra Pocket skill, where you need to have an extra slot when exploring the mountain region. The next skill is the Cold Survival skill, where you need to stay warm in freezing temperatures.

Moving on, we have the ATV Driver skill, where you learn how to drive an ATV while gathering info in northern forests. Next up is the Hacker skill, where you learn how to hack electronic devices while exploring Bunker Alfa. Then, the Trader skill where you learn to gain significant discounts from dealers when gathering knowledge from other players. Next is the Walker skill, where you should learn how to take less time when walking across the map.

Other passive skills you need to learn are the Burglar skill, where you can pick locks easily and quickly. Then, the Medic skill where you need to learn to use bandages to restore health. Up next is the Neat Freak skill, a skill where toxic splitter will not affect you that much. Then, the Biker skill where you only need less fuel when riding a motorcycle. Also, the Glutton skill, a skill where food restores more health. Lastly, the Lucky skill, where you get more chances to get rare loot. Once you are familiar with the mentioned skills, you’ll get through the game easily.