Last Day on Earth – Handy Tips & Tricks to Survive

Playing Last Day on Earth: Survival with a list of tricks will be the way to go to help you survive long enough and get you familiar with the game. Tutorial pages may not be enough for new players to survive the zombie infestation especially when they are just starting out in this foreign world. So, we’ve put together a set of Last Day on Earth tricks and tips to help players get started and survive in the game.


Last Day on Earth Tricks 1


  • Also, the game features plenty of weapons as well. Most of the time, players only use the latest weapons that seem strong but the truth is, even if the weapon is hard to attain, it does not necessarily mean that it is better. For a start, the best weapon by far is the M16 Assault Rifle found in a loot container in Bravo bunker, Alfa bunker and it is uncreatable.
  • Whenever faced with multiple full health enemies, changing to automatic combat mode really helps a lot. This works well because as you hit the enemies, you can still access your inventory and use any bandages, food or item that you have to recover some health while in battle. This is also one of the best ways to deal with other hostile players chasing you especially when you’re at a disadvantage.


Last Day on Earth Tricks 2


  • Always use helmets. This is the best trick or advice we can give to players especially if you’re going for the big one. When you arrive on a map, always stay close to or near the area where you can leave the map to ensure that you can leave safely in time. The big one appears as a large monster shadow that runs very quickly. It also shakes the ground and emits a very peculiar sound. It is better to avoid engaging this dangerous monster. It is usually found in the red areas of the map, but beware as it may also appear in the orange areas.


Last Day on Earth Tricks 3


  • When the horde attacks your base, they will shatter the walls of your house even the strongest ones. So it is better not to invest too many resources in improving the walls until you surround them with traps. Even though the traps can be destroyed as well, they are cheaper than the walls.
  • Whenever you’re in low health or a stronger enemy comes for you, the best option is to just get off the map. It’ll save you all the trouble when you leave the map and you have the opportunity to take health items to recover life and just enter the map again afterward. Re-entering a map resets the enemies’ aggression, stops the chase and sets their location further away. Although there are times when it doesn’t work and the enemy will still be waiting for you right where you left off. This is the point where you should decide between fighting it or just come back another day.
  • Another trick to recover to full health without spending any items is to capitalize on the pitfalls in your house by committing suicide. Respawning will recover your whole health and reset any bad smell that you have. Just remember to place all your belongings in your item boxes and save them before doing this trick.

If this tricks are not enough for you, do refer to our cheats and guide pages for more help! Install this amazing and intense game the Last Day on Earth: Survival and start collecting resources ahead of the other survivors! Defeat and survive against the horde in Last Day on Earth: Survival Show everyone what it takes to survive! Download Last Day on Earth: Survival now!