Last Day on Earth Hacks | How to Survive Against Zombies

Just like in real life, Last Day on Earth: Survival has hacks in the game as well. Let us share with you some ways of doing things more efficiently and simply. It is possible to gather resources and progress more easily in the game without using cheats or exploits. Taking shortcuts or knowing how to use the game interface especially well will help you do to do so. This page Last Day on Earth Hacks is dedicated to help gamers in their quest for survival, just like our tricks and cheat pages.

In this list of Hacks for Last Day on Earth: Survival, we have collected the best ones to help with your apocalyptic battle. This is not a guide to the game for those who want to complete it properly. This is a compilation of exploits that will always get you an advantage in the game. We hope there is something you can take away from the list. If you need more help, check out our Knowledge Based page!

  • Do not look for the specific numbers of the Alfa bunker password as it changes every 12 hours. Instead, you should go to your radio and it will send it back to you. Most likely, any number you are looking for on the internet is already expired, but the password will always be provided by the radio.
  • After purchasing and owning the carpentry bench, we can create a pine plank out of a pine log. The only additional cost is the time it takes to make it. The pine planks will last twice as much as fuel, making the consumption of wood lesser when used for cooking or making iron ingots.
  • If the player wants to trigger the events of the merchant, airplane and aid package. Lowering the energy bar to less than half is all that needs to be done. The events will immediately appear as soon as the energy gets low, making trips needed for events lower.
  • This hack is just for a cool move that is uncommon. When switching back and forth between two weapons, the extra slot will reset the walk animation, causing the player to do the “Stutter step”.
  • Whenever your player is in auto mode. Check this out when gathering resources or items. When your player runs past a chest box or lootable dead body or corpse to reach the original destination, you can tap the action icon on them. He will be running past them initially, but after reaching the original destination, your player will execute the “Moon Walk” all the way back to the chest box or the dead body you have selected.
  • When crafting stuff, you can actually skip the last 5 seconds of the crafting timer for 0 coins. Save some time!
  • Upon completing the Ship Wreck Event, if you want to achieve the best reward, make sure not to talk to the sailor waiting there while standing under the Loot Box because he will tell you to move. If you move, you will end up missing it and just get the option to buy 5 crates which were gifted to you as the quest reward for the unsuspecting players.
  • If you are doing the quest where you need to look for the Oakwood and you still haven’t completed the bike parts, the only place to get it from is the “Red Forest Area”. The challenge in this quest is the difficulty level of spotting the Oakwood trees. So, this is what you need to do: fill up the inventory and use the remaining slot to put one Oakwood. This will stop you from looting anything from the ground. So, when you press the auto mode after the inventory is filled up and there is an Oakwood near you, it’ll take you straight ahead for the nearest Oak tree without the need to look for it with your eyes.
  • Whenever your avatar dies, don’t click the respawn button just yet. What you can do instead is to close the application, terminate it. Then when you re-launch the game again, your avatar will still be alive without losing any item.

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