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Last Day on Earth: Survival is a Third Person Zombie Survival Role Playing Multiplayer Game available on both iOS and Android mobile platform. The game is set in 2027, when the flu broke out. This pandemic wiped out most of the world’s people and turned them into flesh-eating zombies. While people, or also known as the players, have antibodies to the virus, they need to be wary of zombies, undead creatures and other hostile survivors who can harm. This left a post-apocalyptic world where players are challenged to survive for as long as possible to progress.

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You take the role of a survivor along with other players whose goal is to survive in a hostile environment. You have get resources that are necessary to survive in a vast map full of undead creatures. In this game, the player must manage such things as health, hunger, thirst, hygiene and the need to urinate. Objectives are the same for every player, which is to collect for supplies in forests, mines, and different special locations to build houses and make weapons or tools. Scavenging such as food, materials, weapons, and clothing to keep themselves alive for another day, while avoiding the roaming zombies and other hostile players.

Also, attacking or invading other people’s houses or bases if possible is another way to obtain game items which will leave the other players to regress from their current game status. This can be pretty challenging, you may refer to our guides for more tricks and cheats to help you progress in the game. In the new update, the game added a new feature, which is to obtain and raise puppies as companions to protect the owner and use them to go to places that they can’t enter.

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Players will spawn on a piece of land that will serve as your home base. Initially, things can be a little rough as players have a very limited amount of resources. This includes basic items such as stone, wood, berries, some iron deposits and a little deer for meat. The first goal is to keep safe and stay alive than take or make food to survive from hunger. After playing the game for some time, you will start to understand the importance of materials. Players can use materials to build better items.

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You may look forward to unlocking many exciting contents that are sure to keep you hooked. Difficult, challenging and exciting levels awaits those who persevere through the early rounds. Players will require critical thinking and strategic planning. To earn fantastic rewards, the sharpest players will have to complete the hardest objectives. The fun of learning ways to survive in the world we no longer recognize due to the zombie infestation. In this world, people will begin to think and act inhumanly. Acts of selfishness will be unavoidable and the concept of survival of the fittest will be in play here.

Install this amazing and intense game Last Day on Earth: Survival and start collecting resources ahead of the other survivors! Defeat and survive against the horde in Last Day on Earth: Survival Show everyone what it takes to survive! Download Last Day on Earth: Survival and test your survival skills now!