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The year is 2027. Earth has fallen into chaos after a mysterious outbreak that eradicated the majority of the population. Infected victims have turned into hungry, vicious zombies. You are one of the few resisting humans struggling to survive. This is your world in the post-apocalyptic shooting game, Last Day on Earth: Survival.

In Last Day on Earth: Survival, you take matters into your own hands as you try to survive the perils of a zombie-ridden post-apocalyptic wasteland. LDE:S is a sandbox survival game, similar to H1Z1, ARK, and DayZ. Explore your surrounding, gather resources and fight against outside threats. Whether it’s hunting for food and sustenance, acquiring raw materials for shelter, or crafting weapons to fight against man-eating zombies, your character’s survival in this hostile world is all up to you.

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LDE:S was developed by Russian game studio Kefir! Games, the same studio that brought us equally tense and challenging gaming experiences in Forge of Glory and Grim Soul Survival. In the world of LDE:S, everything is crucial to stay alive. Explore the world to find safe spaces, build a sturdy shelter for protection, set up traps for additional safety and equip yourself with weapons to hunt for food and fight against invaders both dead and alive. Sometimes, you will have to go through abandoned territories to pick up any resource still of use. LDE:S doesn’t just require strength, it also requires resourcefulness, cunning, and quick-thinking.

But while you’re fighting for your survival, you are not alone! In Last Day on Earth: Survival, you can explore the world and discover online locations where you can meet up and socialize with other players. Ally with them or combat them for their goods – in a lawless land, you follow your own laws! Learn more cheats and hacks and stay alive!

Game Features

  • Sandbox Survival. Explore the open world and do anything you must to stay alive!
  • Resource Crafting. Gather resources to create weapons, tools, shelter and even vehicles, all to aid in your survival.
  • Open world PVP. Interact with other players - fight them to eliminate competition, or take their resources for your own.
  • Clans. Ally with other players to join forces and combine your resources to increase your chances of survival as a group.

Abandon all weakness and survive the apocalypse at any cost!

Check out these game screenshots.

Play Last Day on Earth: Survival now! – Screenshot
Play Last Day on Earth: Survival now! – Screenshot

Play Last Day on Earth: Survival now!